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Archicentre - Home Certification Service

Make your home stand out from the crowd.
The Archicentre Home Certification service makes the process of selling your home so much easier. You want to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price? Archicentre’s Home Certification service can help you achieve both!

Archicentre will inspect your home and guarantee* to potential buyers that they are buying a structurally sound, termite-free home, providing peace of mind and a terrific incentive to purchase the property.
The Archicentre Home Certification service provides:

- The Archicentre Certificate* with a Seal of Quality

- (For your agent to market your Archicentre Certified home)

- 12 month, $15,000 Structural Guarantee

- 12 month, $15,000 Termite Guarantee

- (For your purchaser’s peace of mind)

- A great sales result! (For you)

*Subject to no evident serious structural defects or termite activity.
Vendor reports help buyers buy and vendors sell... make it part of your marketing plan. The Archicentre Home Certification service is available at Capital Cities and Metropolitan areas throughout Australia.

To arrange an inspection, or any enquires simply speak with your First National Agent.

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Archicentre Home Certification Seal  Archicentre Structural GuaranteeArchicentre Termite GuaranteeArchicentre Home Certification Seal

Archicentre is the building advisory service of The Australian Institute of Architects, providing a range of inspection and advisory services including pre-purchase inspections, pest inspections and design and improvement advice.